Sunday, November 6, 2011

Listen to This. Right Now. No, Really. Right Now.

I can’t remember how I originally heard about David Ramirez, but ever since I did, he’s been on obsessive repeat on my iPod.  My friend, Derrick, texted me a month or so ago and told me David would be playing at a coffee shop in OKC while I was home.  I was like--stop the presses, it’s a coffee date!
Derrick is lame and texted me two days before the show that he wasn’t going to be able to drive down from Tulsa for the show, but I was undeterred.  I mean, if there’s a place you can go by yourself and not look weird it’s a coffee shop, right?  Luckily, my childhood bestie, Listina, agreed to meet me, so I didn’t have to spend the night apologizing with my eyes to everyone in the coffee shop for taking up a two-seat table with my butt and a book.
So, you know when you listen to someone obsessively and then you hear them live, and you’re like WTF?  Well, this was not like that at all.  This was the opposite of that.  I kind of wanted to go up to him afterward and say, “I have been stalkerishly obsessed with you and your music for the last month.  I am completely in love with your words and am considering being your surrogate if you ever have the need.”  
So, here’s the scene.  There were approximately 23 people in the audience (which might more accurately be described as a congregation in this instance, as the whole evening was an intimate spiritual experience) including the baristas and a couple of people who actually wandered in for coffee.  I was like, “HOW IS THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE OKLAHOMA CITY METROPLEX NOT BEATING DOWN THE DOOR FOR THE CHANCE TO HEAR EVEN ONE SONG FROM THIS GUY?”  He’s that good.
Before the show started, we took a stalker picture with him, and he was totally nice to me despite the fact that I think I interrupted his pre-show meditation or something.
After the show, we had a short conversation about what a fantastic lyricist he is.  I may have said something about how I don’t understand how bands like Give Me My Nickelback can play shitmusic and make money and sell out stadiums, while someone like David Ramirez sings gut-pounding lyrics while strumming a guitar strung with heartstrings to a room of co-eds sipping mochas (and one 75-year-old woman whom I think was doing a crossword puzzle the entire time).  I can’t be sure because the whole conversation was a bit surreal for me, but I’m almost certain I left out the part about wanting to be his surrogate.
So, here’s the deal.  Please do whatever you can right now.  Like right this minute.  Don’t even finish reading my blog.  Go to his website and download his free live album, check out his tour schedule to see if you can go to one of his shows, and then go buy the rest of his stuff on Itunes.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  He’s the real deal.
And for those of you who can’t be trusted to follow the above directions, here’s a taste of what he does:
Also, if for some reason someone from David Ramirez’s camp runs across this post, can you please tell me how I can get my hands (or ears) on the song he played Thursday night in OKC about heaven?  I was like...I don’t know this song, and then he said it was new.  So effing beautiful.
Good luck, Dave.  I’m sure this post is going to make you so famous that you’ll be questioning if the fame is all really worth it while you sleep on your piles of money.

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