Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Shortest Blog Post I've Ever Posted

I am as busy as I have been in a long while right now, and today I resolved to not stress out about not getting to write/post.  I just can't deal with the self-imposed frustration.

So, tonight's post is going to be short and sweet.  Very short and very sweet.

Will got in the car today and before I could say anything, he quipped, "Muse.  Uprising.  Do it."  I have created a monster--a monster with very good taste in music.

As he rummaged through his backpack, he pulled out a piece of paper and told me he had used his "free draw" time to make something for me.  His exact words were, "This is you.  You are a princess."
And then he added, "Turn it over."
Nothing else matters today.


  1. That seriously brings tears to my eyes! You are a lucky Mommy! I love it!

  2. @Stacey, don't I know it? It really makes up for all the times I'm tearing my hair out because they are hitting each other. =) I am so behind on blogging and reading my other blogs--it sounds weird, but I feel disconnected to you! I need to catch up, but getting the house on the market is consuming ALL of my time right now. In fact, why am I responding to this right now? Geez.

  3. PRICELESS!!!!! What a great drawing. What long arms you have (I think those are arms).