Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Cheater Post Because It's Not Really Anything New

I just started blogging on August 28th of this year because a) I needed a creative outlet, and b) I am just vain enough to think that other people care about what I have to say.  (I think this is pretty standard motivation for the average SAHM/unemployed/socially awkward bloggers out there).  
I hadn’t blogged before because I didn’t really understand the culture of blogging.  Now that I’ve been in this world for about four months, I’m starting to catch on...I think.  One thing I didn’t expect was this irrational sense of self-worth I have attached to the numbers of blogging.  The first number that seems to mean something is how many followers I have which sits at 32 as I type this.  I have to remind my middle-school girl self that the number of followers I have does not make me more or less cool.  I am cool no matter what.  Right?  I’m cool, right?
For those of you who aren’t bloggers (which is the majority of my readership), the site actually tells me all kinds of crazy statistics about who is reading my blog.  For instance, Facebook is the site that refers most of my readers (because of my incessant posting...sorry for that FB friends).  I also get a lot of hits from people who have googled things.  Some of the googled terms make sense--like several people have googled things like “Princess Leia blog” or “Leia Hollingsworth stars wars blog.”  However, I can not explain why anyone would google “fat sexy boob blog” or “how to tame a princess.”  Someone, however, did and landed on my page.
One of the most interesting statistics is the country of origin breakdown.  Clearly, the United States is the main country, giving me about 85% of my hits.  However, I get a considerable number of hits from other countries that make sense--Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc.  My favorite thing is when I look and see that I have hits from Slovenia or Croatia or Brazil or Isle of Man.  Isle of Man!  There are Manx people reading my blog!  I don’t know people in any of those countries.
My friend, Kate, lives in the Faroe Islands, so I always know when she visits.  Kind of funny, right?
Anyway, here’s the deal.  I have set a personal goal that doesn’t mean anything, and I’d like you to help me reach it.  Right now, I’ve had about 9,900 hits on my blog since August 28th.  I want to make it to 10,000 before the end of the year.  See, completely meaningless, but fun, right?  So, PLEASE share my blog with all your friends and help me reach my purposeless goal.
Here’s a guide for reading in case you want to direct someone somewhere specific:
For the people who don’t actually know me and need a little introduction: WHERE THE NAME OF MY BLOG CAME FROM
For the people looking for a loooooooooooooooooong read (like sit down by the fire with some hot cocoa): NYC IS AWESOME, NYC IS STILL AWESOME, NYC JUST KEEPS GETTING AWESOMER
For the people looking for something funny: I JUDGE PEOPLE WHO USE POOR GRAMMAR, I JUDGE MY MOM
For the people who want to know what it’s like to turn thirty: MY EXPECTATIONS, MY REALITY
For the people who don’t mind a little sadness mixed with (hopefully) inspiration (you might want to sit down with some hot cocoa for these, too): PERSPECTIVE, MORE PERSPECTIVE, A CHRISTMAS STORYUNCHRISTMASY CHRISTMAS
These are just some of my favorites from the last four months, but feel free to browse the other posts as well.  There are plenty of posts about how adorable my children are and how much time I waste watching TV.  Come on, people, if we can band together, we can hit 10,000 by 2011!  Let’s do it for the...children?  The animals?  The self-absorbed blogger?
Thank you all for boosting my self-esteem reading.  I’m looking forward to 2011 and a whole new year of getting stuff off my chest.  XOXOXO


  1. Did you hit it? My favorite reader is in the North Pole. They actually visit quite a lot and I have absolutely no idea who they are, but they live in the freaking North Pole!!! That means they're either Santa or an elf. Any of whom I'm excited about!

  2. Yes, I hit 10,000 within about an hour of posting the link on FB. This world never ceases to amaze me. I totally need to write something new, but I've been spending all my time watching TV and movies...wait a minute...I'll write about that.