Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas, Air Force!

I spend a lot of time complaining about the Air Force (because there is certainly a lot to complain about), but something happened yesterday that warmed my Air Force wife heart, and I thought this would be an appropriate way to give props where props are due.
One of the reasons I’ve been angry/bitter/resentful lately is because we are supposed to find out our next base soon (like a couple of months ago), and due to all the standard Air Force reasons, we have no news.  Scott is leaving for six months (starting January 3rd), and we should technically move to our next base (which could be in WA, OK, CA, DE, NJ, AL or HI) in July or August.  Due to the fact that Scott won’t be around, that means I’ll have to sell our house and buy a new one on my own (BOO HISS!!!).  
I don’t so much dread the decision-making portion--I’m actually completely comfortable with making all of our major life decisions because it’s kind of in the job description of a pilot’s wife, but it’s the logistics part that makes me absolutely batty.  What if they don’t tell us where we’re moving until a month before we’re supposed to be there?  What if, despite the fact that we’ve been told there’s no reason we shouldn’t get one of our top choices, something Air Force-y happens and we end up with our fifth choice?  (These are not irrational fears, as both of these things have happened to friends recently.)
I have a FANTASTIC support system in my parents and mother-in-law (not to mention countless civilian and AF friends), so I won’t literally have to do it on my own, but it’s stressful nonetheless.
Anyway, (this post was supposed to be about NOT complaining about the Air Force, right?) our squadron had a change of command last week (civilian translation: Scott got a new boss).  Yesterday, Scott received an email from the squadron commander asking him to come in for a meeting to discuss his next assignment.  In my mind, this is HUGE.
The squadron commander oversees around 150 pilots and loadmasters and their families.  He works longer hours than anyone else in the squadron and takes the blame for things that aren’t his fault.  We have been blessed to have incredible commanders the entire time we’ve been at Charleston (and we’re on our fourth).  The fact that this new commander has been in command for less than a week but is already in tune with an individual’s needs (my husband in this instance) is pretty damn spectacular.
When Scott explained to him that we’re in OK for some much-needed leave, his response floored me.  Not only did he tell Scott that he would be working on it and try to have something figured out in the next week, but he also told Scott to stop checking his email and spend time with his family.  Oh, and he added, “And tell your family in OK happy holidays from the Pelicans!”
This.  Makes.  Me.  Smile.
It gets really easy sometimes to feel like cogs in a machine, but this is a perfect example of someone going above and beyond to recognize us as individuals.  His actions were the epitome of the Christmas cheer I desperately needed.  So, even though I can’t say his name because I think the Air Force would get mad, thank you, new commander!
And on a related note, here are some pictures that show another reason it’s sometimes really great to be in the Air Force:
Will and a friend waiting on the flight line for Santa to arrive
Santa's sleigh
Santa's arrival!
Santa hugging one of his reindeer

The boys and Santa in front of the static mini-C-17

I LOVE THESE BOYS. (even the old guy)

Family pic

Family pic with the C-17, which seems like a family member sometimes

The boys playing in the C-17 (Will told us earlier in the day that he wanted to be a jet driver when he gets big.)
So...thank you, Air Force, for the good stuff.  Sorry I've been so ungrateful lately.


  1. Oh Leia...I hope you guys get your 'good news' soon. It is stressful when you are the one left behind BUT like you said, it's part of the job description we (spouses) signed up's the unwritten one. It still does not stop us from growling, complaining, grinding our teeth once in a while...heck, I think it's healthy to do that rather than just bottle it up. Your story reminded me (opposite of course) of when we just arrived in Charleston and all our household goods were still crossing the Atlantic, the house was not built and I started a new job...only to be told by Francisco that he is deploying for 4 months! I survive and somehow, some way, I know you will too...=) Enjoy your time in OK spending time with the family, especially since Scott will be gone for 6 months!

  2. Who do I have to sleep with to make you come to Washington?

  3. Hey, woman! I've been catching up on all of your latest posts from my phone today. I didn't comment on them individually because it takes so doggone long from my phone, but I had no idea you were going through such a rough time! I'm so glad you've finally accepted that even awesome, strong, funny, great women can be depressed. I've struggled with it before and I'm sure I would have sworn up and down when I was in the middle of it that I couldn't possibly be anything more than a little sad. Perhaps having the worst couple of months ever. But just a little sad.

    I'll be praying for you. For real. Although I have a feeling that you're on your way out of it. Keep me updated so I'm not filling up my prayer journal with out of date requests.

    On a different note... Veronica freaking Mars, are you kidding me? I was obsessed with that show for, like, a solid year. Literally finished the first season on discs and moved back to disc one and started them over again. It's just so clever and fast and she's so funny and Logan is so sooo bad and totally irresistible.