Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank God for Reruns

TV was full of reruns this week, which was good because I was engrossed in several books all week and didn't feel like watching TV.  I did catch a few shows worth mentioning...
The View
First of all, I caught an episode of The View, and I have to say something that I can not believe I’m saying.  They were talking about the Miss America pageant because Joy Behar was apparently one of the judges, and Elizabeth said that she thinks they should make the women participate in activities during the swimsuit competition--like they should run after children on the beach.  Elizabeth Hasselback, you are so right.  And that’s the last time you’ll hear that from me.
Brothers and Sisters
I am actually really relieved that B&S was a rerun this week.  I feel like I’ve just spent a little too much time with the Walker side of my family, and I need a break.  I’m hoping this little breather will bring on some absence makes the heart grow fonder action.
The Bachelor
Crazy Michelle woke up with a black eye, and you KNOW she gave it to herself.  It reminds me of a time in fourth grade when this weird girl named Blair bit herself and told the teacher I did it.  Clearly, as evidenced by all the awkwardness on their one-on-one date, this girl is not capable of having a genuine conversation/moment with him.  But we gotta keep her because we need the crazy!
What’s the deal with all of the girls on this show always being afraid of whatever they have to do on the date?  Chantel is afraid of the ocean?  Michelle is afraid of heights?  (And don’t forget last week when Barbie Doll had to go up in an airplane before telling him that her fiance died in a plane crash...which is kind of a legitimate fear, so nevermind).
Okay, my favorite moment of his date with Chantel was when Brad said, “Can you please stop talking and just kiss me?”  I may or may not have heard this on occasion in my dating life.  Brad, it’s difficult for us tough girls to stop talking.  It’s a defense mechanism.  Okay, again, I’ve made this personal.  I’ve got to stop.
The group date was super awkward with Dr. Drew.  He just asked who had cheated and only ONE girl fessed up.  Seriously?  I don’t believe it for a minute.
There wasn’t really much going on in this episode.  The rose ceremony wasn’t even the mostdramaticroseceremonyever.  The girls that went home are exactly who I expected to go home because they didn’t get any screen time.
I hope next week we get more cat fights and make out scenes because listening to Brad complain to his therapist about how he’s having a difficult time dealing with kissing all these women is BORING.  And we don’t watch this to be bored.  Right, ladies?
Friday Night Lights
It’s like the light at the end of the mid-week tunnel for me--seeing that bright shiny Tim Riggins face.  I’m living in a state of denial right now with my Panther family because in real life I know that there are only two episodes left, but in my fantasy life (where Coach Taylor gives me hugs on my bad days and Tim Riggins asks me to marry him) life is going to go on forever--especially now that Tim is home.  Yes, he’s changed--but all that angst that he’s directing toward his brother is just plain sexy.  
We’ve got some big things happening (with only two episodes to go--did I mention that?)  Tami wants to move to the east coast, and for once she’d like Coach Taylor to consider her feelings and think about changing her career for him.  When I saw that specific part of the preview, I was snapped back into reality--everyone knows that a Texas football coach would never move to the east coast and give up his career.  Not ever.  
On an unrelated note, the scene where Vince and his mom changed the locks on the door to keep his no-good-triflin’-father out of the house was inCREDible.  Just a moment in the show that captured real life, which is why I obviously have a problem with blurring the lines myself.
American Idol
I could write for hours about these auditions, but there is only one person I want to talk about, and that is a poor guy named Jesse McClintock.  You might be like, uh, I don’t remember him...did he get a golden ticket?  Well, that would be a big fat NO.  Because he didn’t try out.  Jesse was the boyfriend of a girl named Chelsee--who tried out WITH her ex-boyfriend, Rob.  Now, I get that Chelsee and Rob used to sing (and live) together, but if you’re going to reunite for the sake of getting on TV, guys, let’s leave the poor NEW boyfriend, Jesse, out of it.  That guy looked like he was going to explode from trying to not be mad/jealous/freaked out.  And then on top of that, the judges were practically pushing them in the closet to play seven minutes in heaven in an effort to make them fall in love again.  Poor Jesse.
And on an unrelated note, I cry over every stupid sad/heartwarming story.  There’s something really, really wrong with me.  
Oh, and another thing--I have really mixed emotions about The Avett Brothers and The Swell Season playing in the background of taped pieces on AI.  Makes me a little irked.
And one more thing--I want to sing a duet with Steven Tyler.
That is all.
Oh, and I would like to officially go on record to say that this set-up is better than the Simon-Paula-Randy set-up.  For sure.


  1. Thanks for the Bachelor update. I missed last week. As far as Idol, I gave it up when Simon left. I love me some Steven Tyler, but even he and his fantastic lips aren't enough to get me to endure J.Lo's "I'm not a Diva act".

  2. Yeah, I kind of thought I was going to hate J. Lo, but she's actually not as obnoxious as I thought she would be. And she's definitely nowhere as obnoxious as Paula was. =)