Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Kidding Around

Picture by Carlin Fisher Photography

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I needed an outlet so I didn’t go insane.  I had been blogging about my kids for a couple of years at THIS HERE FANCY BABY BLOGGING WEBSITE (mainly to give the grandparents and a deployed daddy access to pictures), which was great but I really needed something that wasn’t about my children.  (I’m not saying blogs about kids are bad.  In fact, there are a couple of blogs I follow that are exclusively about the authors’ children that are really fantastic.  You can view them HERE and HERE.)
But since I started blogging here, I really miss blogging about my kids.  So, I’ve decided I’m going to stop posting on the other blog and just occasionally post some things that are specifically about my kids here.  They are, after all, pretty awesome, and here are some reasons why:
Will (after counting to one hundred): Mom, when do the numbers stop?
Me: They don't.  Numbers go on forever.  It’s called infinity.
Will: So...when Buzz Lightyear says to infinity and beyond, he means he’s going to fly to forever?
When we were leaving the house this morning, Ben pulled some Oreos out of the cabinet.  We were running late, so I grabbed two (one for each angel) and pushed them toward the car.  In the car, Will said, “Mom, where are the rest of my cookies?”  I calmly said, “Will, it’s 7:40 in the morning.  You don’t need anymore cookies.”  He screamed, while banging his little paws on his car seat armrests, “I AM FIVE, NOT ONE, SO I WANT FIVE COOKIES, NOT ONE!!!”  I (again calmly) said, “Will, I don’t appreciate you screaming at me, and you are not having anymore cookies.  If you continue to scream and act disrespectfully, I will take that one away, too.”  He got quiet for about a minute, and as I watched his face contort in the rearview mirror, he said (very calmly), “Mom, you are grounded from my birthday party.”
When I was little, I had a rock collection.  Don’t know why, but now that I have kids, I’ve learned that this phenomenon is not unique to me.  Both of my boys are obsessed with rocks.  Every time I clean out the car, I find dozens of rocks, big and small, in the seat and on the floorboard that they have collected.  If they are around when I’m cleaning out the car, I can’t throw them away because they are “very most special.”  Today, when we dropped Will off at school, Ben and I were walking back to the car (which was parked in the GRAVEL parking lot), and it took us fifteen minutes to leave.  I swear he picked up every piece of gravel along the way.  Each time, he looked up at me as if he’d discovered gold and said, “Look, another one!”


  1. will is a funny little guy! where oh where do they get these attitudes? he should meet hannah someday...theyd either fall in love or wanna kill eachother! ;)

  2. oh god...the rocks!!! I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten to check pockets and washed them. urrghhhh