Monday, October 18, 2010

We Are Old, but We Are Still Cool. We Are. No, Really.

A couple months ago, we got a call from Scott’s best friend, Jefferson, telling us that Phish’s schedule was released, and they were playing at the North Charleston Coliseum (approximately 20 minutes from our casa).  Jefferson was the best man in our wedding, and he and then girlfriend, Kristin, caught the garter and bouquet.  I think it’s safe to say we’re the reason they’re married.  (You’re welcome, JJ and Kristin.)
So,  JJ booked tickets to Charleston and with wife and babe (Siri) in tow, they showed up here ready for a good time.  Phish was playing two nights, so the boys would go both nights, and Kristin and I would each go one night, taking turns watching the kiddos (exhibit A that we are old).  The rest of the weekend would be filled with kid birthday parties (exhibit B) and general tomfoolery (which should really be renamed jeffersonfoolery).
If you don’t visit regularly, you should.  In honor of THIS, I decided to outline the weekend like this:


Jefferson is actually holding MY beer, but it wouldn't have been the right kind of picture if he was just flashing a peace sign or something.  The boys decided to move to the stands rather than the floor on night two because they had more beer on their shoes than they consumed the night before (exhibit C).  I agreed it was a good plan because my height makes it impossible to enjoy concerts from the floor.


We totally staged this with the pizza crust from a Papa John's box that belonged to this girl,

whom we assumed was clean enough to share pizza crust with.  The girl in the row behind us (who had been participating in extracurricular activities immediately before this comment) said, " guys are like the cutest lady and the tramp ever!" to which I replied, "Hey, he's no lady!"  Ba-dum-bum.


This is the road I was driving down coming back home from birthday party #2 of the day before we got our phishdom on that night.  I stopped to take a picture because a) I needed a picture of scenery, b) it really is beautiful, and c) if I ever get the chance to star in a horror movie, it will end here.  This road is really creepy at night.

The band arrives.  GLOW STICKS!!!
Pink Phish
White Phish

Phish Phans and their balloons


We are not the kind of people who make out in public, so we tried to take the creepiest kissing photo possible.  And I'm pretty sure we succeeded.


Exhibit D is perhaps the most damning piece of evidence that we are old.  We own a car that can do this.  Yes, those are THREE car seats in a row, and there was still room for FOUR adults.  


Look, there's a bright light reflecting in the middle of us!  The Oatmeal is right.  That's totally stupid.

So, anyway, the weekend was fun, and we proved that although we're old, we can still hang with the hippies.  Aside from the concerts, we also made a stop by the beach, and I feel bad that Kristin didn't make any of the pictures, so here's proof,

which is also pretty rad because most of my friends are not spending days at the beach in the middle of October...maybe I WILL miss SC a teensy bit.

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