Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Morning Funnies

The thing that makes TV so much fun is the quotable lines (just look at my Facebook wall on Tuesday and Wednesday nights...the Gleeks and MFers just can't help themselves).  I compiled just a few of the best lines from this week from some of the shows that made the Fall 2010 cut:

I think my fave is back on track after that disaster of a season premiere.  Here are a couple of goodies from this week’s Brothers & Sisters: 
Kevin to Nora: You can put your bleeding heart back in your NPR totebag.
Kevin to Scotty: You downloaded senior citizen lesbian porn on my phone?

This week’s episode got a massive bad wrap for its sad nature, but I thought it was pretty great.  It certainly wasn’t as sing-alongy as some of the other episodes, but I’ll take The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and REM for the win.  Here are two good ones from Glee:
Brittany: I read a quote that said heart attacks are just from loving too much.
Sue Sylvester: Well, William, if your kids want to praise Jesus in class, I suggest they enroll at Sweet Holy Mother of God Academy on I Love Jesus street, but not here.  This country is not a monarchy.  Believe me--I’ve tried.
Okay, so this is officially my new favorite sitcom after this week’s Christmas card debacle-themed episode.  (I am a HUGE Christmas card enthusiast...which reminds me I need to figure out what we’re doing this year.) Here’s a little ha-ha from Better with You:
Ben to Maddie: It’s crazy.  You can rent an elf costume in December, no problem.  But two months before, they treat you like a psycho and make you sign a note promising you won’t use it for porn.*
I could probably just copy and paste the entire transcript of this week’s episode of The Middle, but here are a couple of my favorite lines.  Not sure who I connected with more this week--the aging mother, Frankie, or the dramatic dorkarrific teenager, Sue:
Frankie: Okay, wait, you think I need diapers?  Oh, this is just...oh my God, how old do you think I am?  Look, I might sneeze-pee once in awhile, but I don’t need diapers! 
Sue: I don’t think I can do this anymore.  Brad’s heartbroken.  Sean’s from like a really prominent family.  I can’t handle a love triangle.  I’m not a Kardashian!
*I just realized I have two quotations about porn.  Not on purpose.
I realize there were a lot more lines to quote on here, but I was doing laundry one night when I caught up on the DVR and didn't keep track.  I also didn't include any lines from Eastbound and Down because my page would have been exploded from the F-bombs.  Plus, my husband got really tired of me stopping shows and rewinding to make sure I got the lines right.


  1. Leia I really don't know what I'd do at work if I didn't have your blog to read. I'm glad you write as often as you do!

  2. "You can put your bleeding heart back in your NPR totebag."

    this line made me glad I'm still hanging with the Walkers.

  3. I loved these lines. The Middle is my favorite show.

  4. Oh, the diaper incident on The Middle. So funny!