Friday, November 12, 2010

Father Knows Best...and Is Getting Old

So, my dad is turning 55 tomorrow, which means something big!  That’s right--he can now order off the senior menu at IHOP.  I’ll be having pancakes sometime this weekend to celebrate his birth for sure.  Isn’t it handy that I created this blog and can now honor him in the best way I know how?  Here are some embarrassing endearing pictures of the two of us over the last thirty years.
Apparently, men were still encouraged to wear hazmat suits in the delivery room in 1980.
I could probably write an entire blog post with just pictures of us sleeping next to each other.
Who knew we would inspire a hipster trucker hat trend twenty years later?
This happened a lot.  What can I say?  He liked bedtime stories.
We look alike #1: Flying a kite version
Family vacation #1:Jabba the Hutt's cave version
We look alike #2: Gone Fishin' version

Sweet suit, Dad.

Family vacation #2: Clark Griswold version
We look alike #3: Roller coaster scream version
Cool dads let you borrow their clothes.
We look alike #4: Sooner sweatshirt version
The one and only time I've ever helped change the oil in a car  
The one and only time I (almost) mowed the lawn

We look alike #5: Popeye version
What's the saying?  The more things change...
Family vacation #3: Playing cards back at the hotel room version
We look alike #6: Scared face version
Now, THAT is a much better suit.
Happy 55th birthday, Dad!  You are the best.


  1. Thank you for these lovely pictures of your years with your father. You were a beautiful bride!

  2. so cute! i love pictures of girls with their dads. tell him happy birthday from us.

  3. Sweet! And your dad looks so much like Kenneth Branagh (or however you spell it).