Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy (Sucky) Veterans Day

I woke up this morning with a headache, body aches, and a really, really sore throat.  After spending the morning on the couch, while Ben brought me piece after piece of Halloween candy to open, I decided I should jump in the shower to try to wash the sick away.
Scott had already agreed to come home and watch Ben for me so I could go to my book club at 12:30 (before I woke up miserable), and I almost told him to not come home, but after the shower, I decided the only thing that could make me feel better would be to be in a bookstore.  So, I filled up a Nalgene with hot tea and headed to book club.  I would love to say that I was suddenly revived by being surrounded by books and friends, but I wasn’t.  I left to pick up Will from school feeling worse than when I left the house.
Scott needed to go back to studying (we will all be infinitely happier when Daddy is done with grad school), so I swung back by the house to pick up Ben, and we headed to Rolly Pollies.  
At this point, you’re probably like--go to bed!  What are you doing?  Yeah, that’s a nice thought, but when you’re a mom, it doesn’t work like that.  I would much rather sit on a bench with a book, shivering from the oncoming fever while someone else watches my kids run around than lay on the couch listening to them whine for two hours about how they want to play with somebody.  (Don’t worry, I coughed into my elbow the whole time and then sanitized the area where I was sitting before we left.)
We grabbed a quick dinner at Red Leaf (because I didn’t think I could stand to cook dinner at home), during which I felt like sliding out of the booth and onto the floor for a nap.  We got home around 6:00, and I barely made it out my shoes and jeans before crashing in my comfy chair.  
Right about now you’re probably like...then why are you blogging?  Why aren’t you sleeping.  Because being sick sucks and I wanted to complain about it.  Plus, the body aches make it impossible to get comfortable.
So.  In conclusion, I am celebrating Veterans Day by being grateful that my veteran is home tonight to put my two little airmen to bed so that I have the freedom to be miserable on the couch with my computer and three episodes of Ellen.  Happy Veterans Day everyone!

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  1. It is hell being sick when you are a mom of little kids.