Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Funnies

It's actually Saturday morning!

So, I was finally able to catch up on all my shows this week thanks to the election and the World Series.  That, and I did nothing (and I mean the-bathrooms-are-college-dirty-and-no-one-has-clean-underwear nothing) except watch DVR’d TV (I had three episodes Boardwalk Empire and four episodes of Eastbound and Down, among the other 47 hours of TV that had stacked up.).

Brothers and Sisters: This week’s episode was a real downer.  I mean, we hit on divorce and cheating and all the other things that make people not want to get married.  I’m not saying it wasn’t real and honest and authentic--it just made me sad.  Which is why this show is so spectacular.  The only hiccup came when Kitty thought about moving to Vietnam with the handyman (WTF?), but the rest of the show was nitty-gritty real life wonderful.  Oh, wait.  Sarah and Frenchie are officially engaged now--I was hoping that would go away.  But on a positive note, Holly Harper didn’t make an appearance AT ALL, so yea for that!  So, to sum it up, I’m glad Kitty and her boy toy broke up, I wish Sarah and her boy toy would break up, and I hope Kevin and Scotty never break up.

Friday Night Lights:  So, I’ve decided after this episode that dating an East Dillon football player is a lot like being married to a pilot, and you bet your ass that I would be laying down the smack if some skanky red-head was putting her panties in my husband’s flight bag.  God bless Tami Taylor and all of her do-gooder efforts--I really see that Epic chick going far with a little push from St. Tami.  And, Julie Taylor.  Way to go scoring points with the history TA--he’s cute, and I bet he’s a BASSIST.  Also, have I mentioned that I LOVE this show and will cry when this season is over?

Modern Family: Okay, the beeping smoke detector thing totally happened at our house a few months ago.  It was a week before Scott got home, so I just took it down and waited for him to fix it.  Then, the back-up battery on the actual alarm started doing the same thing, and I just pulled the panel off and disconnected the beeping cord.  (That was my bad mom confession for this week in case any of you were under the impression that I had it together over here.)  I saw Sofia Vergara on Ellen this week, too, and I think she just made my if-I-was-a-dude-freebie-five list
Luke: I think I found a place where I can sell this organ. Can you drive me to the black market?
Manny: Where did I hear that siren?
Jay: That was your mother screaming.
Gloria: I wasn't that bad.
Jay: Cars were pulling over.
Cam: How was it a big day for Biscuit? How?

Survivor: I haven’t written about Survivor because I haven’t been all that engaged this season, but this week, I have a message for NaOnka.
Dear NaOnka,
First of all, run home and slap your mom for giving you such a stupid name.  Secondly, although you describe yourself as “unique, spontaneous, and funny,” you are, in fact, none of those things.  You are perhaps the most obnoxious person to ever grace the screen on any season of Survivor, which is saying a lot because there have been some real cretins on past seasons.  I hope you get kicked off.  Quickly.
Your biggest fan,

I never write about these shows because I don’t really know how many of the people who read this watch them, but if you’re not watching these shows, you should: 
Boardwalk Empire: If you can get past all the totally random nudity...I mean, seriously, I am not a prude AT ALL, but some of it is just pointless and ubergross.  Oh, and there’s a lot of blood.
Eastbound and Down: Be prepared to throw up and then go to confession.  (P. S. In case any of you actually do watch it, I’m really glad Kenny is going back to the U. S.  I miss April, and I was getting really tired of the cock-fighting.)
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret: I’ve always loved David Cross, but he is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood, like a can-do-no-wrong celebrity. (P. S. We saw Megamind last night, and David Cross's Minion character stole the show for me.)
Happy TV watching!  We’ll be spending the weekend (hopefully) eating fair food--I’m very curious to see if the Coastal Carolina Fair is anywhere close to as great as the OK State Fair.  I’m pretty sure there won’t be any Indian Tacos or Strawberries Newport, so I’m not sure it’s worth our time.  We’ll see.

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  1. Right now my husband and I are watching "Four Christmases". It has Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon in it. It was funny at first, but their families are so awful the funny went away.

    I liked Modern Family too this week. I so get the fire alarm. We don't keep ours on the ceiling because it goes off when I boil water. It is on top of the cupboard and I have to take it down every time I use the stove.