Saturday, November 13, 2010

Really Early Saturday Morning Funnies

Okay, so I was sick this week and sleeping a lot, and then on top of that, when the TV was on, I was watching the Harry Potter movies with Will to get him ready for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter  next weekend, so it’s a short one today.  (Oh, and I’m going to Houston for a girls weekend with a childhood bestie, so I couldn’t even get in a few shows on Friday night...packing and then to bed for an early morning flight!)  

P. S. I’m posting this from the airport while I wait to board.  By myself.  All by myself.  No kids.  Just me.

Brothers and Sisters: Okay, so you know how that Marie Claire lady got in all kinds of hot water for saying she didn’t like seeing fat people kiss (as she should have)?  Well, I’m kind of tired of the old people love stories of Nora Walker, but not because she’s old(er).  I’m tired of it because I don’t believe there are THAT many attractive old(er) gentlemen out there.  I mean, come on!  She meets hot old guys every couple of weeks, and let me tell you--I shop at the commissary on senior citizen day, and there just aren’t that many hot old guys out there.  On an unrelated note, I’m glad to see Scotty and Kevin are working it out (and I’m well-aware of the double standard I have for TV world and real world--if one of my friends’ partners cheated on them, I would totally say, “Kick him (or her) to the curb!”).

Parenthood: All I have to say is that Rush Limbaugh better hope he never meets Adam Braverman in a dark alley, and Sarah Palin might just have the perfect running mate for 2012.  Nothing that exciting ever happens when I’m in line at the grocery store, but I definitely have fantasies of punching people in the face who have more than ten items (and I think I really would do it if they called my kid a retard).  And two thumbs up for Haddie’s crush on do-gooder Alex because now we get to look at Michael B. Jordan’s cutie-patootie face two nights in a row (love me some Friday Night Lights Vince Howard!).  Oh, and the scene with all the kids talking about their sexcapades on the Love Boat just made me wish I wasn’t an only child.  With and to whom am I supposed drink margaritas and tell inappropriate stories?  (Sorry for the ridiculous grammar in that last sentence.  I just can’t end a sentence with a preposition.  Can’t do it.  Even when I write informally with sentences like: Can’t do it.  It’s like when I send texts--I have to text in complete sentences.  It’s who I am.)

Friday Night Lights: Bad move, Julie Taylor.  Sleeping with a married man is only going to lead to heartbreak.  And probably bad grades since he’s your teacher.  So, my heart is breaking for Vince with this whole dad’s-out-of-jail thing.  I mean, his mom is doing so well (huge surprise because everyone knows people right out of rehab almost always relapse), and Vince was just getting into his football groove and his loving girlfriend groove.  Ack!  I just feel so bad...what’s that?  Oh, my husband just reminded me that this is a TV show, and they aren’t real people.  Right.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about your Houston girls weekend! That's my hometown!